Extra! Extra! Native Journal Goes to Press

By BECKY W. EVANS (reporter.evans@gmail.com)

Copies of the Native Journal are sent down the chute.

RAPID CITY, S.D.– After working two days in the Crazy Horse Memorial newsroom, student journalists watched their Native Journal newspaper come to life Thursday night during a press run at the Rapid City Journal’s printing plant.

Earlier in the day, the students’ multimedia news stories about retired rodeo horses and the making of the newspaper were published online by the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute. The publications are the culmination of a week-long workshop for Native American high school students who want to pursue careers in journalism.

I joined a team of professional journalists from around the country who coached the students through the process of creating the Native Journal. Follow the links below to read two of my students’ articles and to watch a slideshow of the press run.

Following the Photo Guy, By Cheyenna Sherlock

Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation Gives Three Scholarships, By Kaylan Curley

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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